Video subtitling

We undertake the translation of transcripts of English, Russian, and German movies, series, documentaries, commercials, training videos, YouTube videos, audios, and podcasts into Hungarian, along with their time-coding.

Customised service tailored to individual needs

The process of translating video and audio material is primarily determined by what the commission intends to achieve. In simpler cases, when the task merely serves the purpose of understanding the raw text, we deliver a simple text file at the end of the process. With the help of a special computer-assisted translation software, SDL Trados Studio 2019—or, where applicable, memoQ 9.3—, we can make sure that the translations match the unique style and taste of our clients and that our clients’ own terminology is implemented as needed. The software also makes it possible for us to filter out internal and cross-file repetitions; thus, in addition to ensuring that the translations remain consistent, we can also provide reduced prices.

Very often, however, the purpose of the commissions is for the recipients to be able to see the target-language version adjusted to the original speakers’ dialogues and any on-screen text. In such cases, the finished translation is delivered in SRT file format, which is supported by most video players and by video sharing platforms such as YouTube. In addition to the body text, this file also contains the time-coding of the dialogues, which are divided into easily-digestible, two-line units in conformity with effective international standards.

What is special about localising video and audio material is that the context provided by visual or auditory cues is an integral part of what the speakers have to say; thus, gestures, intonation, and even speech rate play an important role in determining the meaning that should be conveyed and the tone of voice and emphasis that should be used when translating the sentences. Therefore, regardless of the purpose of the translation at hand, it is indispensable for us to be able to carry out the work to the best of our ability that in addition to the transcript of the dialogue, we also have at least the link pointing to where the video or audio material can be found, but more preferably, the media file itself—in as low resolution as is still decipherable—at our disposal. Since these types of material are, by nature, large, and email clients can only process them to a limited extent even when compressed, how the files are received and delivered is subject to individual agreement.

Our rates

Translation of subtitles:

  • From English or German to Hungarian: €0.05 / source word
  • From Russian to Hungarian: €0.055 / source word

The number of words is determined on the basis of the word count calculated by Microsoft Word. A 1-minute video typically contains approximately 650 words.

Time-coding of subtitles:

  • + €1.05 / minute


For larger volumes of material and in cases of long-term co-operation, we offer special discounts.

Method of delivery

We only undertake commissions electronically! We expect quote requests and material electronically and deliver the finished works the same way, all this with a speed and precision corresponding to the volume of the commission.

Contact us at the following email address:

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