We undertake the proofreading of Hungarian texts, focusing on linguistic accuracy, vocabulary, spelling, and style. We subject the material to be proofread to thorough scrutiny, in the framework of which, in addition to correcting surface-level mistakes regarding typography, punctuation, open and closed compounds, and capitalisation, we filter out inaccuracies related to grammar and word order, and, if needed, we check whether the register and style of the text fit the target audience.

In which cases do we recommend it?

When it comes to texts that are to be published to large audiences or that have high stakes, because banal grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors can make even the professionally soundest material seem unconvincing and unreliable, and typos can make or break important agreements.

But why leave it to a professional?

Because recognising mistakes takes some level of objectivity. The more distance someone has from a text, the more critical they are of it as mere beholders. It is the job of proofreaders to be up-to-date with the rules of Hungarian grammar and to be familiar with the ins and outs of creating and polishing texts. They help perfect finished material so that target audiences can receive well-written, professional, and flawless texts.

To whom do we recommend it?

To anybody who feels like they might need it. To businesses for websites, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, publications, brochures, and contracts. To scholars for publications. To job seekers for CVs, cover letters, and job applications. To students for theses.

Our rates

Proofreading with normal deadline:

2,500 words per day, which does not include the day of the receipt and delivery of the text.

  • Small correction: €0.02 / word
  • Rewrite: €0.025 / word

Proofreading with immediate deadline:

Over 2,500 words per day, or if the work is due the same or the next day.

  • Small correction: €0.03 / word
  • Rewrite: €0.035 / word

The number of words is determined on the basis of the word count calculated by Microsoft Word.


For larger volumes of material and in cases of long-term co-operation, we offer special discounts.

Method of delivery

We only undertake commissions electronically! We expect quote requests and material electronically and deliver the finished works the same way, all this with a speed and precision corresponding to the volume of the commission.

Contact us at the following email address:

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