Professional translation

We undertake the translation of English, Russian, and German texts into Hungarian primarily in the following fields:

  • IT
  • marketing
  • economics
  • law
  • European Union
  • GDPR
  • press release
  • website
  • video subtitle

Guaranteed quality

Your texts are in safe hands with us. Our professional knowledge acquired in the industry through nearly 30 years of practice is reinforced by multiple higher degrees and language exams, our professional translator qualification and professional translator certificate, as well as state-of-the-art technology. The quality of our IT translations is guaranteed by our Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification. Thanks to our experience in marketing communication, not only do we handle business texts with expertise, but we also provide our clients with first-class client service.

Az SDL Trados Studio 2022 – illetve adott esetben a memoQ 9.3 – nevű speciális fordítástámogató szoftver segítségével biztosítjuk, hogy a fordítások megfeleljenek megrendelőink egyéni nyelvezetének és ízlésének is, szükség szerint ügyfeleink saját terminológiájának felhasználásával. A szoftver lehetővé teszi továbbá, hogy a szövegen belül és a különböző dokumentumok közötti ismétlődéseket ki tudjuk szűrni, így a fordítások egységességének biztosítása mellett kedvezőbb árat is tudunk kínálni.

By combining state-of-the-art conversion software with our professional word processing skills, we are able to deliver each translated material in a clean format that is as close to the layout of the original text as possible.

Our rates

Translations with normal deadline:

2,500 source words per day, which does not include the day of the receipt and delivery of the text.

  • From English or German to Hungarian: €0.05 / source word
  • From Russian to Hungarian: €0.055 / source word

Translations with immediate deadline:

Over 2,500 source words per day, or if the translation is due the same or the next day.

  • From English or German to Hungarian: €0.1 / source word
  • From Russian to Hungarian: €0.11 / source word

The number of words is determined on the basis of the word count calculated by Microsoft Word.


For larger volumes of material and in cases of long-term co-operation, we offer special discounts.

Method of delivery

We only undertake commissions electronically! We expect quote requests and material electronically and deliver the finished works the same way, all this with a speed and precision corresponding to the volume of the commission.

Contact us at the following email address:

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