How to order

Quote request

We undertake the translation of English, Russian, and German texts into Hungarian and the proofreading of Hungarian texts after hours and on weekends as well. We expect quote requests—along with glossaries, sample texts, video and audio material, and previous translations that facilitate a better understanding of the topic—electronically at the email address. In order for us to be able to calculate the delivery deadline and service fee, we need to know the volume of the material to be prepared, how urgent the commission is, and what the expectations regarding editing are, among other things. After analysing the text, we send our quote tailored to your individual needs as soon as possible. We begin the work upon the written acceptance of the quote.

File format

We can start the processing of editable files sent as simple attachments to email quote requests and texts inserted or typed into the body text of the email message immediately. In the case of non-editable files—for example, scanned documents or documents saved in PDF format—, it is advisable to look into whether the original, editable version is available. Our special computer-assisted translation software can process a plethora of file formats, so feel free to leave the tasks of processing files made with desktop publishing software, such as InDesign or Infix, as well as preparing project packages and bilingual files that can be imported into computer-assisted translation software to us.

However, you don’t need to bother with converting your texts even if you don’t have the editable version, since, by combining state-of-the-art conversion software with our professional word processing skills, we are able to deliver finished documents in a format that is as close to the layout of the original text as possible.

Underlying resources

If you have a clear idea of how the key expressions in the text should appear in Hungarian, or if your company uses established Hungarian-language equivalents for the given terms, it is recommended to put together a simple glossary table containing a few entries that shows how the expressions should be translated.

In order to ensure that the end result suits your needs the best, we need to be able to put the text in a wider context. Similar material on the topic in question, written either in the original language or in Hungarian, could facilitate the identification of the exact register and terminology to be used. As far as texts promoting specific products are concerned, product images help us to grasp the structure and ratio of the products the easiest.

When it comes to subtitle translations, in addition to the transcript of the dialogue, it is recommended to provide us with at least the link pointing to where the video or audio material can be found, but more preferably, the media file itself—in as low resolution as is still decipherable. This way, with the help of gestures, intonation, and even speech rate, we can have a clear picture of the meaning that should be conveyed and the tone of voice and emphasis that should be used when translating the sentences.

In the case of website texts, in many cases, the meaning of call-to-action buttons and links, as well as menu items, sentence fragments, and short paragraphs becomes clear only in the original environment. Therefore, in order for us to be able to translate or proofread content not available to the public—accessible only after signing in or not yet published—professionally, it is indispensable that we be granted temporary access to following the same path as the registered users of the website or the intended audience, or if this is not possible, that the screenshots of the interfaces in question be made available to us. It is also important to clarify whether buttons and menu items, for example, should be in the original language, Hungarian or both languages in the text, and also whether the company uses already established Hungarian equivalents for such items.

Receipt and payment

We deliver the finished works electronically, in the same format as the original, or in the case of non-editable files, in a format supported by the Office suite. Email clients can only process large material to a limited extent even when compressed; therefore, how the files are received and delivered is subject to individual agreement. The service fee is to be paid by bank transfer, within 8 days from the receipt of the finished work, against a VAT-free invoice.

Guaranteed quality and deadline

Our professional knowledge acquired in the translation industry through nearly 30 years of practice is reinforced by multiple higher degrees and language exams, our professional translator qualification and professional translator certificate, as well as state-of-the-art technology. We keep commissions confidential, and we do not pass the work on to other subcontractors, so you can be sure that the quality meeting your level of expectations and timely delivery are not compromised by the fluctuating performance of other subcontractors or a delay on their part. From finding out your exact needs and ensuring professional, quality work to the polishing of the finished text, we stand by your side through thick and thin from start to finish and work on our common goal of making sure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Contact us at the following email address:

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